Are You Winning At Life?

Are You Winning At Life?

Let me tell you a story…

There once was a fish named bobby.

He swam all around as his hobby.

He’d pick up some food then leave it as crude and now he is dead in the lobby.

You see, there are so many people with bad habits of not finishing what they start. Are you one of those people who blame that your lack of results is based on disorganization or a lack of focus?

If you are one of those people who operate in this manner, you are playing not to lose.

Dis-empowering habit patterns like playing not to lose are often developed in childhood. For example, a father yells at his young daughter’s drawing she may have colored on the wall because the young girl didn’t recognize that the wall is not an appropriate place to express artwork. After repeated incidents of getting in trouble in such a way, the young girl may have drawn the conclusion that she couldn’t win.

She didn’t like the pain of not winning so she unconsciously adopted the strategy of trying not to lose in the future. It was at this part in her life that she decided she was incapable of winning and lowered her expectations to merely not coming in last.

And because most people have developed belief systems like this at such a young age, not finishing what you start is one of the many habits you fall back on when playing to not lose.

For instance, playing not to lose may have worked for you in the past because if something is incomplete, it cannot be judged as not good enough. You can easily just say that it’s not “finished” and push it aside.

But if you strive to win at this game of life, you can’t let excuses like this hold you back from realizing your own greatness! Winning at life really doesn’t have to be that hard.