How to maintain a positive attitude

How to maintain a positive attitude

Understandably, it is not feasible to be positive all the time, we are discussing about working towards situations where on balance you have more positive thoughts than negative ones. Some little negativity is also ok, it helps in preparing for “what if” scenarios and contingency planning.

Also there are some situations where there is rarely anything positive. Benefits of a positive attitude include: good health, less stress, and good personal and professional relationships. Surprisingly, it is not always easy to be positive.

A few ways of maintaining a positive attitude include:

1. Controlling Your Emotions
You don’t have to react or get angry when someone tries to hurt you or upset you. Choose to remain cool and calm. By learning to be calm you will develop more peace of mind.

2. Seek Positive Inspiration
Read materials, books etc. on positivity. Also listen to inspirational audio, videos and music.

3. Protect Yourself
Watch your thought patterns, hang out with positive people, and whenever possible avoid people who are overly negative because negativity is contagious.

4. Appreciate Yourself
Be kind to yourself, value yourself, and see yourself as someone special who has something to offer the world.

5. Be Grateful
Take stock of your blessings and all the things that you are thankful for.

6. Have a Positive Outlook
Focus on solutions instead of problems, expect the best in people and have empathy and compassion for others. Be kind to others and offer your help whenever you can.

7. Have a Vision
Have a plan and goals for your life, it will keep you focused.

8. Play
Simply have some fun. Play a game that you enjoy, and smile and laugh whenever you can. By having fun you dissipate energy and tension helping you to relax.

Remember that maintaining a positive attitude is continuous work. Just keep working on it one day at a time. Keep planting positive seeds in your mind and uprooting the negativity weeds.