5 Secrets to a Happier Today

5 Secrets to a Happier Today

“If I’m not fully happy right now in this moment, nothing will ever make mehappy.”

The thought struck me as I stood at the kitchen sink scrubbing the dishes. It appeared organically, but it felt like something I already knew, a conclusion I was returning to, not recognizing for the first time.

One of those moments where you say, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

It wasn’t a moment that I should have been happy — one of those milestones in which happiness is actually a requirement, i.e. graduations, weddings, etc.

It was ordinary. I was tackling a mundane task and thinking about what I needed to get done in the next 24 hours.

Yet, in a moment of clarity — one I didn’t muscle into fruition — I recognized that everything I had longed, begged and dreamt about a year ago was there, in my current experience.

Not only had I not noticed that everything was there for my enjoyment, but in all honesty, I hadn’t experienced the flood of happiness I thought would come to me once I had what I wanted.    read the five keys at thinksimplenow