Subjective reality and Non-duality

Subjective reality and Non-duality

” It was a subjective uprising within Judaism that gave birth to Christianity. But what do the rabbis teach about the subjective idea today? That it is dangerous! Judaism warns the rabbis who would like to explore the deep things of God that subjectivism can safely be studied only with a proven prophet. And what do the organized Christian sects teach of subjectivism? See for yourself. Virtually nothing.”

And here is my ‘explanation of his message:

So, now I see that the ancient wise rabbis saw exactly how wrong things can go if the subjective idea (non-duality) is miss-understood.  We are seeing it now. People become lost and confused in the words and in the concepts. They begin to believe that ‘there is no Self” there is “no single, solitary self” they fall victim to a letting go of their Inner Guidance System, their own Individual Power and sovereignty and independent authority.  

 This is where the trouble starts.  Because the basic Truth is that this world is subjective, not objective, though it appears objective.  However, seeing that Life is subjective, does not take away the duality and objective. It just lets us know that the objective is the ‘tangible” confirmation of the Subjective Living One/God and God’s Allness)

Trying to eliminate the objective view (duality) means we are trying to get rid of half the equation. That is NOT Wholeness or as I would say Holiness.

 If one is not Living It in the Fullness of his own Self-knowing, and Self-Realization, and tries to deny the objective view, this will result in a world of people completely miss-led, confused and lost and without any sense of direction or Self-assurance.

Bottom line, the non-duality as it is being taught materializes in a world of ‘self-less uninspired, followers and zombies who let go of their power, let others tell them who they are and let some external “government’ or “church” or “guru” or “leader’ control them and use them as slaves and take advantage of these ‘sleeping ones” stealing everything from them while they submit to the “I am nobody” and “It’s all illusion” or “dream” and “who cares” or “who is there to care?”  of the non-dual dogma.

 The world will be destroyed as people lose their minds, lose their authority and they  will become subject to the lies and deceptions if they continue to turn themselves into powerless, mindless people who are told what to think and what do believe, indoctrinated without an augment. They have lost their Light and Soul so they will obey the doctrines that an “enlightened man” does not “think” for himself, they will believe precepts that a ‘silent mind” is the correct ‘status’ to achieve, that “thinking is “bad”; meaning that “an empty mind” a “blissful state” is the sign of “one who knows”.  

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